Parent Club

Initiated the establishment of the, because it has been found, that parents are full of unspoken issues, wits with, bitterness. 2003 launched in September.

The special education teacher, teacher professional development issues help, the psychologist is emotional support.

Flexibly adapted to the needs of parents, the issues that affect them add to the agenda. There were many kind: parent support services, schunt beültetéses, driver, parent club for children with learning disorder. At times, children outgrow the, szülőklubból the parents and other – other interest groups organized.

The parent club occupations not only parents, but teachers can participate, as the pedagogical – Special education issues professionally enriching their knowledge.

2004. July 15. I published a new article about us appeared Pest Newspapers, a grandmother's pen. For details, quote from:

I was the guest is not the first organized by the Sunflower Foundation, Candidates monthly parent club. The founders want to achieve, all 5-7 year-old children attend a screening before entering school, which detects, that the child is mature to the school, elletve shows part of dys, injuries. To this end, constantly free screening will be held. Recently Dr. Eva Gyarmathy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences szakpszichológusa handed over immediately interesting and useful knowledge about the present 20 parent, grandparents. Key spoke teendőinkről, "Sensitive odafigyelésről", "Attunement to the child", the family spent more time with the child, and "extended family," said little, which is a golden grandmother, Grandpa, etc.. adult – children understand the relationship. It was good to hear possible solutions to the same problem with struggling parents.

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