Birthday parties

With great success for many years to organize the children and parents the satisfaction of our birthday. Our goal is, that children are organized framework, intelligent, enjoyable, fun with játszással spend their two hours with friends.

  • Saturday afternoon 15 – 17 We undertake birthday parties retain pm.
  • The player program specialists in accordance with the age of children (kindergarten teacher, teacher development, special education teacher) compiled and derived. Movement-oriented games in it, toys, puzzles, Ring Games, etc..
  • Festive table waiting for the children, we decorate the venue, the food, drink a parent brings.
  • Order in person at the site of the Foundation, advance payment.
  • The only rooms without shoes socks, slippers stay all participants. Little Girls in tights nylon socks pulled advisable to have an additional.
  • Accompanied by parents can only receive the birthday child.
  • In case of illness for my birthday later date can be moved.
  • The birthday girl and participants will receive a small gift.
  • Maximum 15 We accept children.

Áraink: 6 children 15.000Ft, over £ 2000 per child, Advance: 5 000 Ft

Everyone is welcome!

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