Summer horse camp

In summer, to the development of children's ability to not lose, transferred to their village therapeutic riding camp. Natural conditions of rural life, animals proximity to wonderful effect on the children's personality.

The camp is a pleasant recreation in Veszprém county, a Somlóhegy foot.

Supply: breakfast, snack, lunch, uzsonna, dinner.

Permanent programs: therapeutic riding programs for horse riding futószárazástól, horse care knowledge, learning about animals, Caring.

Other programs:

  • Somlóhegy tour: castle, View Lookout,
  • Pontifical Thermal
  • Sümeg, View knightly games
  • Bacon Baking, Barbecue, touring

The camp is made possible in our institution. The camp instructor: Topar Zsolt parasport oktató

Adults, organize weekend programs for families, weeks of rest.

Car: +36-20-323-7560

Title: 8492 Time, Kossuth L. and. 25.


Web: A child's life story átbeszélve, game, behavior, measured to determine the level of development of children's developmental status, if we make a proposal to the continuing care, development, therapy.

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