Want to move

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Families!

A 13 operating foundation year is another milestone, that you want to work with your help átlépni.2001 from the foundation to set goals in Káposztásmegyer. First, a, and two locations, because it does not fit in our place original (Megyeri u. 226, then u Megyer. 218 under number). This is both a pleasure, that we can develop, but also reported difficulties, and is still.

The time has come, our forces concentrated in one place, to continue to help you here, children, turns to us.

The require assistance!The "N-eye, the principle sees more "in mind, -seeking support for the heavens, – We are looking for an area, a place where the work of the Foundation, preferably close to the current location, but definitely behind New Budapest.

Please, if you have knowledge of a higher rent, at least 150 lakásról sq. ft., space group, perhaps a family house, please notify the 06-20/ 323 7560 phone, or in person at the scene of the Foundation. Important, to be at least 2-3 more room, development movement that can be used, smaller rooms or other remedial improvements. It was a place you want to find, that every aspect will be the best for everyone.

The move to the margins of:

A few thoughts set forth together, why the need for the move, Ability to develop new Sunflower Development Center.

  • There is a need one a place, where, if issues, problems, concerns, texts, psychological symptoms struggling family enters, I feel, Without prejudice to him in, love, care, compassion will give professionals.

  • We need a place, where, If a child enters, feel good, security passes and feel, that everything is done, him to help their.

  • We need a place, children in need of help, mother, fathers receive broad support, each child's intellectual, physical development, and spiritual balance being struck.

  • We need a place, where the activities of the professionals and their dedication does not work. Where the importance of cooperation, families, assisting children in more than one side.

  • We need a place, where the principal believes workers, that all men, irrespective of their treasures include, which unfold, skills in the best way possible is our duty to bring to the surface.

Please send your ideas, thanks for their efforts!On behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees: Varanka Zoltánné, Panni before, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

In this space we want to:

Then again, there are houses, which dwells in peace and joy. When people catch a glimpse of such a house somewhere: at the same time feel, as if he had come home. Home smells of smoke, lift and that it. Name of the window, s door beckons. Man it feels peace and warmth, which, as an invisible sun, irradiate everything around you.

Such melts sooner before housing the snow. From spring to autumn flowers in front of the meadow. Such trees around the house amicably worship, and bemosolyognak the window. Such a house brings good luck to everyone….

Such a tame house approved by the people living in it. Nyugalmassá, derűssé, makes brave. Who built, be short-lived, and even death can feel the sun and the scent of pine trunks pleasure, it is captured, when he first made up the bouquet on top.

Such houses are kept good spirits. ….no lightning strikes in the vicinity of, shingle of the stove will not spark. It is included in the room laugh, around him like a flower. As the threshold of sunshine.

Wass Albert: The funtineli witch II.

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