School readiness screening

It is very important to study! Facing the schooling 5-6-7 preventive testing to assess school readiness status of children aged. Shows, that personality which areas, What works part-disturbance ability, discovers signs of learning disabilities. The study was carried out by special education teacher. (diszlexia, diszgráfia, diszkalkulia, Filter other parts of dys)

After testing the proper development, Select Therapy, prevention.

Some concept: development: develops spontaneous maturation and environmental interactions result.

Fevelopment: the outer material and the creation of internal psychological conditions, in which the child's psychological functions optimally unfold by the spontaneous maturation. Effective educational influence, which provides support in line with the child's developmental specificities of. The development of bipolar: on the one hand is the partial compensation of shortfalls, on the other hand was dominated by the intensive development of skills.

  • prevention: conscious attention to the child's developmental characteristics of, tracking, support.
  • Correction: megakadásokon help the development curve that occurred over.
  • talent: builds on the existing strengths

Facilities Development

It is essential complementary therapy learning disabilities: diszlexia, diszgráfia, diszkalkulia, graphomotor underdevelopment, behavior, Conduct Disorder, nervous system immaturity, In case of other disabilities.

If a child is left out of the first movement's development locomotion Bands, az un. elementary movement patterns: creep, climb, gurulás, rugózás, an equivalent amount of practice is required in the maturation function. To move a backlog of psychic functions of the nervous system: detection, detection, attention, memory, resulting in the development of divergent thinking, and school speech, motion, the drawing, behavioral and academic performance reflected in the deterioration of. Appropriate, (two week session!) promotes laterality, (laterality), the spatial orientation, számfogalom, I-emergence, the prevention of learning disabilities.

Important role in the vestibular (balance) ingereknek, the entire nervous system effects. The control of muscle tone, improve the motor development, enhanced processing of auditory stimuli. (develop the additional speech therapy must, be!) Movement can cause development of the central nervous system is very much, will not be active nerve bejáratódik. Thus, the slowed, stalled ripening processes start up, promoting the normalization of impaired functions.

As for the children in the developing “healing” (catch-up, Foundation and versatile developer) movements obtained experiences, Information to help you catch up healthy peers. The need for remedial training in the skills development of stable, foundations and skills development based on this we can achieve coordinated use of motor development.

Proposal for a home in the development of movement: trambulin, balancing cone, great balance balls, Bounce Balls (ear), swing plate, A gördeszk, bordásfal

School preparation, catching up

The skills essential for a successful school year, Developing skills in particular the vulnerable and disadvantaged children. The resulting correction of learning disabilities, Therapies, catching up, subject tutoring.

Speech therapy

Launch Speech, delayed speech development, lisping, dadogás, Treatment gabble, diszlexia, diszgráfia, Filter dyscalculia

Early development activities

A 0-4 Annual intact and injured children move versatile personality development, Skills, development of player skills, complex development.

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