Map making life healing minerals

In nature, all pursuing the perfect circle / sphere.

Us, People also important, after a crisis, or find a tilt position of the currently appropriate, homeostatic balance our current.

These life-changing situations are a great way to un. "Social atoms" or, as I call: "Life Map" Preparation healing minerals.

What is it? The method of art therapy, but the effect is therapeutic mineral, and a little reminiscent of the family set up. First, using the council asking for help in the healing stones intuition exposes the current life situation, the problem, the question. We analyze, revise, then we create the ideal situation with the help of beautiful stones.

Thinking system approach create a virtuous circle, which has a healing effect, and the "life" is moved by changes. The two photo image can be made, where there is still work at home: describe the ideas raised, to dream, as a deep inner layers mobilize unconscious, which start at the inner healing forces in the wake rearrangements.

If you have intrigued, I look forward with love!

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