Denomination Price

Whose financial situation permits, In addition to the material specified price, or material support to accept with thanks.

Psychological assessment,  therapy, recognizing talent, Career, employment counseling for parents: career – for course correction counseling children: career, Course correction counseling 7 000 Ft/óra, 

one and a half hour: 10.500 Ft

Pedagogic + motion state test: reading, writing, Counting test 8000 Ft/óra
school graduation complex screening test 7000 Ft/óra
speech therapy study:                                                                                     development 7000 Ft
Preschoolers: Development of sub-skills for learning, diszlexia prevention, motor development, Preparation for school.

students: learning difficulties, mapping disorders, occupational development:  diszlexia, diszgráfia, diszkalkulia prevenció, school realignment

4 000 Ft/óra
lease: 16 000 USD / month


lease: 18000Ft

Children Tuner, play therapy parental consultation: 7000 Ft/óra

Occupation of the child: 7000 Ft/óra


Yoga for children 1200Ft/óra
Bach – Flower essences: mental health problems and cure, After a short conversation or a questionnaire  2 000 Ft/ fiola
Hangrezgéses DNA alignment and healing brainwave frequencies hangtállal, Reiki therapy base price: 5000Ft
Parent Club free,  donations are accepted with thanks, pénzbelit, both tárgyit
Developer booklet 500Ft
The hourly rate includes development of tests, and the price of the means used hours.  
 The development activitiesonly valid lease can be visited, period of work 50 minute. The walk passes in all cases be! Our prices include VAT. The accounts shall be eligible to the Health Funds.  
Important! If the child does not appear in the sessions without notice on the date agreed, is considered to have been left out of the opportunity to use! The missing child's place of another child, parents are welcome.  

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