Data protection

Use of Personal Information

The registered customers' personal information (name, e-mail address, billing name and address, etc) a Sunflower Foundation Web site operator Sunflower Foundation Store your own web database. The registrant's personal information listed on the Web site to ensure customers voluntarily, the Privacy Statement After reading adoption. The database containing personal data Sunflower Foundation sometimes create local backups, that are stored on your computer.

Changing personal data

Registered customers of their personal data (name, e-mail address, billing name and address) a Products > Sign up page to view and modify logged.

The purpose of data storage

liaison with clients in terms of entering the e-mail address is absolutely necessary, Enter all personal information is optional. In case of orders entered your billing name and address is optional, in their absence, we can not invoice issued to the customer.

Retention of data

The customer data is stored by default in the customer's account is terminated. termination of the customer's account at any time request the customer via e-mail at, or the Sunflower Foundation Facebook page He wrote a personal message.

If the customer only certain data (such as name, company name, billing information) To delete, This can also choose to modify the customer data Products > Sign up page. The customer data deletion, of course, also by e-mail at any time request the at.

canceling the registration of the deleted data may be processed and paid orders is from our system, We only billing data related to accounts.

The transfer of personal data, Share

We pay special attention to the security of customer data, so your personal information will never, not shared with any third party under any circumstances.

The transmission of billing data, Share

Billing is a billing electronic billing system, electronic invoices prepared by the billing system and archive. The data for the accounts of the accounting Sunflower Foundation (Dorogi Andrea) It is transmitted for accounting purposes. In addition, we do not share your registered customer billing information with third parties.

More information

The data management, issues related to data protection You can send email.

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