Privacy and cookie policy rule

The proper functioning of a website sometimes for cookie - to be located on the user's computer data files called - or on the basis of the original English Cookies, as they do in other large sites and Internet service providers.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which page of your site visitor's computer users, and store it on your mobile device. Cookies help the site for some time will remember your personal settings and operations (pl. username, language, the font size and other specific settings related to the display of website), so you do not have to re-enter them each time, when a user visits a Web site or from one website to another átnavigál.

How we use cookies?

This site is maintained by means of cookies record the following:

  • consent has been discontinued, Cookies to use the site
  • webboltban the information during the shopping basket on the content

Cookies maintenance

The user has the option to, to maintain and / or delete the cookies as desired. The information, related to the Google search engine to search for the “Deleting cookies Treatment” keywords, and find the entries for the browser. You can delete all cookies and browser programs are stored in your computer, you can disable the installation of their. However in this case may, each time, when you visit a particular site, certain settings must be performed manually and can be expected to, that certain services and features may not work.

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