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Dear Parents, Dear Adults!

They assumed- this has been the question themselves, what is the most important factor in human, development of the world in terms of? Development of our future is in their hands and children.

Key to the development of children, that may occur in the physical or mental abnormalities as early as possible - we recognize - even before the start of school, and develop their skills in an appropriate manner. We give them the opportunity, any features that were also, The kiteljesedettebb, the rmonikusabb, live healthier lives.

The Sunflower Foundation is, promote the harmonious development of children and families, Maximum capacities unfold.

What We Believe, help all people, family, children, us who are in some way. The Sunflower Foundation welcomes parents and children in need all the help.

We welcome all who want to help people in a humane, who willingly sacrifice for a good cause.

The biggest goal in this earthly existence,:
Always be people, all conditions.

(John Golden)

Psychology study

Psychology study
Psychological - kinesiology studies, Therapies, play therapy.

Pedagogical studies

Pedagogical studies
Pedagogic - special education status and motion study. School graduation test.

Developer occupations

Developer occupations
Developer occupations: Preparing nursery school, students catch up, speech therapy.